How I get 1000 Facebook likes in 24 hours

Sounds Crazy! How you can get your Facebook fan page kick start with a bang 1K likes?

But I have done it twice in a month without using any paid ads, any black hat techniques and any other tools.

So, Let me tell you some simple steps to do grow your Facebook fans organically.

1. Complete your Page Description:

  • About section
  • URL
  • Long Description
  • Phone no.s & Email address
  • Display & Cover Image’s
  • Schedule 20-25 update, so there is enough content for users

2. First Invite, your Facebook friends and then their friends of friends to leverage your page.

3. Shoot mails to your current contacts on all platforms like Gmail, Outlook & Yahoo and show them the value your page is giving to them in return.

4. Optimize your website/blog with Facebook buttons as possible to improve engagement rate on your Facebook page.

5. Start commenting in your niche Facebook groups for more visibility and try add value with your comment, don’t spam.





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